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Bellevue Club: An Important Community Resource

From swimming lessons to wedding receptions to business meetings, the Bellevue Club has been - and will continue to be - an important community resource for thousands of families and businesses on the Eastside.

A group of local investors was formed to provide the private funding required to build the Club. This group, known as Pacific Recreation Associates, remains the Club's owner.

The Bellevue Club opened its doors on Aug. 6, 1979 with the mission to be a multipurpose social and athletic facility that would serve all its members' needs. More than three decades later, the Club continues to fulfill this vision and is a renowned institution for wellness, recreation and hospitality.

Growing with the Eastside

Like the city of Bellevue, over the years the Club has grown dramatically and made many enhancements. When it first opened in 1979, the Club was 140,000 square feet and had 3,000 memberships. It originally featured indoor and outdoor tennis courts, an indoor Olympic-sized swimming pool, a hot tub, racquetball and squash courts, a gymnasium and indoor running track, two restaurants, one fitness studio, a grand ballroom, a childcare center and a Pro shop.

Today, the Club has 5,000 memberships and is 231,000 square feet. Recent facility upgrades include:

  • Adding an outdoor pool and a second indoor pool
  • Opening a full-service spa
  • Constructing a new fitness expansion building with state-of-the-art exercise equipment, Pilates and yoga studios and a Kinesis studio
  • Expanding childcare facilities
  • Renovating three restaurants
Another major enhancement has been the addition of our 67-room outique hotel in 1995. The opening of the luxury hotel added a new dimension to the Club, as it became a national, and even international, destination. In fact, the hotel operates as a small luxury hotel of the world.

Construction of the Club’s hotel has been important to the area — especially since the Eastside has become its own thriving business capital. If local businesses or families are hosting travelers from out of town, Bellevue Club Hotel is consistently the hotel of choice. But the hotel is not just for travelers, it’s also a destination for local residents who need to get away and relax.

Meeting a Variety of Needs

The Club in general has been a cherished community resource. Each day hundreds of members of all ages come to the club to participate in a variety of athletic programs and social activities. In addition, hundreds of business meetings, athletic events, wedding receptions and more are held at the Club each year.