Is your child attending one of the Bellevue Club's amazing summer camps?
Let us pack their lunch! Special lunches will be available from Luna for all children attending summer camps. We have a variety of lunch items available for you to customize your child's lunch to their (or your!) preferences. Pre-order your child's lunch for a day or the entire week, and we will deliver it to your camper.

Place your order below or pick up an order form at Luna.
*Please submit order 24 hours prior to start of camp.

$10/Lunch     Whole Week: $9/Lunch

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  Food allergies:
  For food allergy questions, contact contact Justin Sledge at .
Or contact contact Jose Castillos at .
*All lunches are made on Bellevue Club property, which is not an allergen free site
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  Choose One: Turkey/Cheddar Sandwich     Jelly and Cream Cheese Sandwich
  Allergy option: Gluten-free/Dairy-free    WOWBUTTER (Soy butter, nut-free!)
  Choose One: Kettle Chips     Fruit Leather     String Cheese
  Choose One: Banana     Apple     Grapes     Orange
  Choose One: Water     Organic Juice
  Choose One: Chocolate Chip Cookie     Animal Crackers     Gluten-free Option
  DAY SELECTION    ($10/Lunch, Whole Week: $9/Lunch)
  Choose Days: Monday     Tuesday     Wednesday     Thursday     Friday    
  Entire week